One Lesson 
1 Day (2-hrs)  
Two Lessons
2 Days (4-hrs) 
Three  Lessons
3 Days (6-hrs) 
$300 $285

DMV Mandatory Requirement for teenager
Need 6 hours professional training, 50 hours with parents, current permit 6 months to take the driving test 
6 HRS with Freeway
3 Days (6-hrs) 
$320 $300

DMV Mandatory Requirement for teenager 
Need 6 hours professional training, 50 hours with parents, current permit 6 months to take the driving test
8 HRS&1 Drive Test 
Adult/College/HS student
4 Days (8-hrs) 
$500 $450 

10 HRS & 1 Drive Test  
Adult/College/HS student
5 Days (10-hrs) 
$600 $550
12 HRS & 1 Drive Test  
Adult/College/HS student
6 Days (12-hrs)  
$700 $630
14 HRS & 1 Drive Test 
Adult/College/HS student
2nd drive test is free  if fail
7 Days (14-hrs)
$800 $720
16 HRS & 1 Drive Test 
Adult/College/HS student
2nd & 3rd drive tests are free  if fail
8 Days (16-hrs)
$800 $800
18 HRS & Drive Tests 
Adult/College/HS student
Guarantee up to 6 drive tests 
9 Days (18-hrs)
$800 $870
Drive Test  Training   &    Car Rental for Drive Test 
(Car Rental + 1hrs)
We take you to the DMV
> With 45 minutes prep training with  guidance & tips
> With 15 minutes DMV check-in 
$100 $120
Drive Test  Training & Car Rental for Drive Test 
(Car Rental + 1.5hrs)
We take you to the DMV
> With 1.15 hours prep training with guidance & tips 
> With 15 minutes DMV check-in  
$120 $150 
Drive Test  Training & Car Rental for Drive Test 
(Car Rental + 2hrs)
We take you to the DMV
> With 1.45 hours prep training  with guidance & tips 
> With 15 minutes DMV check-in
$150 $180

Driver Training Appointment 

Step 1 schedule your driving lesson(s) 

Step 2 pay for training packages online or pay on the first day by cash or check.
Price List

We will confirm your appointment within 24 hours.
We will also send you friendly reminders

Note: please schedule your lessons before paying. We offer a limited numbers  of new appointments.

Drive Test Appointment 

Step 1 schedule your drive test appointment click here

We will confirm your appointment within 24 hours 
We will also send you friendly reminders 

Step 2 pay for drive test car rental  on 1st appointment day. We accept check or cash


As a courtesy, please let us know if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment with a 24 hours of notice once you receive your 1st friendly reminder. 

Driver Ed Online

Driver Education $17
You will get a $20 credit if you purchase Behind the Wheel Training 

Hi Safety Precautions 

> Instructors wear face masks & face shields
> Students wear face masks before entering the car
* School has free face masks for students who need them.
Vehicle will be disinfected & cleaned before and after every lesson
Students will be given hand sanitizer . 
Student should reschedule if not feeling well - high temperature, cough, 

Test Results (Rent school car)

9/15 Kiet Ng (Garden Grove) 1st Time Whittier DMV 2 errors
9/15 Niha (Anaheim) 1st Time Westminster DMV 7 errors 
9/14 Kim Huynh (Buena Park) 3rd Time Whittier DMV 1 error
8/26 MaleahG (La Palma) 1st Pass Costa Mesa DMV 
8/25 Arlyn E. (Norwalk) 1st Pass Fullerton DMV 
8/24 Gideon K. (Cypress)  1st Pass Fullerton DMV 
8/22 Esther A. (Hawaiian Gardens ) 1st Pass Long Beach DMV
8/21 Vivian L. (Huntington Beach) 1st Pass Long Beach DMV 
8/12 Luyen L. (Buena Park) 1st Pass Whittier DMV 
8/11 Mi L. (Buena Park) 1st Pass Whittier DMV 
8/11 Richard L. (Buena Park) 1s Pass Whittier DMV  
8/7 Thi Ng. (Anaheim) 2nd Pass Whittier DMV 

MaleahG. (La Palma)

September 3, 2020

Anabelle (Seal Beach)

July 30, 2020
                David T. (Cerritos)       
         Trang L. (Buena Park)                  July 15, 2020                       
Josh Belowsky (Orange)
January 14, 2020
 Emma (Buena Park) 
December 2019

Angela W. (Cerritos)

September 10, 2019


I took 4 lessons with Brian. Two when i first got my permit and two before my test. Brian helped me get over my fear of driving and taught me everything i needed to know to drive safe. He was very strict about everything which made the actual DMV test feel very easy. I passed my first try!! Will be using him for my younger siblings and recommending to friends. Thank you so much Brian !!

  • Savannah C.
  • Norwalk, CA


Great driving school! My son did the 12 hours behind the wheel training. Not only did he pass and get his license on the first try, he passed with 0 errors. The DMV representative said they rarely get teens that pass with 0 errors! Thanks Brain!!!

  • Angel P.
  • Lakewood, CA


Brian taught my daughter to drive. She said she was nervous at first but Brian made the learning experience fun and relaxing. After her first two hours she said driving was easy. But once the six hours was over it's like she's been driving for years. Great job Brian! Thank you for teaching her because I sure as heck was not going to.

  • Valerie M.
  • La Habra, CA


Super best professional driver trainer school in Orange County*****. I definitely recommend for anyone looking to get their driver license,,, Mr.Brain such a amazing instructor and very helpful get the license

  • Eranga N.
  • Lakewood, CA


My daughter got the first lesson at Bolsa driving school. They're horrible. I found Hi Driving School and my daughter started over 3 lessons. Brian is the best. He's so good. He taught my daughter the detailed skills on how to drive. My daughter feels confident in the car now. He is on time. The price is worth it. One thing I like about him he's not text or answer the phone while he with student... Thanks Brian.
  • Chi L.
  • Fountain Valley, CA


Great guy, great school. Got to learn the fully correct way to drive such as thoroughly checking for traffic, different way stops, how to properly change lanes etc. Brian is sometimes strict, but is ultimately fair and he listens and responds to any questions or concerns as well as tells the driver exactly what to do and what to improve on. There is also an aura of lightness in the atmosphere since he has worked with many students before and makes you feel comfortable to ease your nerves when driving. This brings out his more laid-back and funny side since he likes to talk with the driver about leisurely topics and crack jokes while also still staying on task. The lessons are also never wasteful and there is always something new or to improve on every lesson. He also takes you to the actual areas that the course and DMV test you on and he knows which instructors also give fair or unfair results. I passed the behind the wheel driving test the first time because of him, and I am grateful for what he put me through and taught me. The price is pretty worth it and you definitely get what you pay for meaning he provides a very intensive learning experience where you walk away knowing you are a better driver and have spent your hard earned money towards a worthwhile cause. I also salute him for his military service to this country and find it pleasantly surprising that a veteran like him finds ways to make ends meet and start his own business even in the face of the odds being against him. Not only do you improve your driving skills, but you also get to improve your ethic and personal life as Brian talks about general keys to success and how to be the best you can be as a person as well as how to be a member of society in making it a better place for everyone. Thanks again Brian and maybe our paths will cross again one day.

P.S. This is one of the only few reviews I have ever created on this account because I never use Yelp and only made this account to comment on this business to let people know that it is legitimate and worth your time, money, and effort if you are serious about seeking out its services. This review was done at the discretion of the owner and myself.

  • This G.
  • Los Angeles, CA


I  passed my driving test recently, and it will not be possible without the guidance and coaching of Brayan from Hi Driving School. He cares for a student to become a confident and safe driver. He guides your step by step with patience, knowledge, and insiders view how to pass the driving test and what are important points to consider during the exam. I am super grateful to Brayan for his time, effort and a fantastic human quality this man posses, which are much more valuable than money can pay!

  • Ulyana C.
  • Long Beach, CA


Just passed my driving test today.
Instructor Brian was the man!
He points out your weaknesses and helps you overcome it.

  • Arthur Lui D.
  • Buena Park, CA


This is a late review. I passed my behind the wheel test April 2nd, thanks to Brian my driving instructor. I've been with different driving school before, but I never found like Brian teaching. He was very supportive, patience and explained everything to me about driving behind the wheel. He gave me the confidence to drive and overcome my anxiety, He is a great instructor who represents a successful driving school. Mr. Brian go beyond, I never met a instructor's like him he will help you passed your behind the wheel test. He always have smile on his face, and will help you erased your anxiety. I'm so thankful to you Mr. Brian for encouraging me, for being so patience and give me my confidence back and believe to myself that I can drive.  
I highly recommend Hi Driving school for anyone who looking for honest, kind and very patient, very affordable compare to other driving school, and experienced instructors teaching that will give you the highlights tips for passing the behind the wheel test. Thank you Mr. Brian!!

  • Vanessa C.
  • Costa Mesa, CA


I am an adult driver that wanted to brush up on my driving skills (already had my license). I had Brian as my driving instructor, and he was very good with teaching safe driving habits. He was very friendly, and very serious about his students and growing their driving ability. He definitely challenged me and had me practice things that I wasn't as proficient at, and helped me get used to driving on the freeway. I feel a lot more comfortable driving now! Highly recommend!

  • Ange U.
  • Long Beach, CA


This is late review I took last November 2018 Hidriving school with Mr.Brain .It was my first time learning how to drive I was looking for excellent driving school found Mr brain.Excellent friendly challenging instructor.He really hard challenging but that's exactly how the dmv test is. He teaches you how to drive the right way to pass the test. He's really friendly funny talkative he enjoys helping people learn how to drive.I would recommend anyone to take him as driving instructor you won't regret it.Thank you Mr brian for helping me learn how to drive passing my dmv test.I know i posted review late but I havn't forgotten best instructor

  • Ale T.
  • Anaheim, CA


I took lessons back in October with Brian and with his wonderful instruction, I was able to get my license in 6 weeks. It could've taken less time considering his scheduling system is very efficient and he has flexible hours that work with my busy college schedule. I hadn't driven a car in over 3 years, but with only 10 hours of instruction, I felt more confident on the road than I have ever been. After 4 hours, he even took me on the freeway... which I had never even driven on before!

He helps you really understand how to be a safe and smart driver. Unlike with my other driving instructor I took back in high school who only taught me the basics, Brian prepares you for every kind of situation that you'll encounter on the road. Other instructors would be afraid to teach certain things, but Brian really wants you to learn everything, and learn it well!

With zero driving practice outside of our 10 hours of lessons, I passed my behind the wheel test with only 3 errors. No more taking the bus, calling an Uber, or driving anxiously for me. I recommend Hi Driving School to all of my friends and family! Thank you Brian!

  • Michelle H.
  • Bixby North, Lakewood, CA


I'm so happy my wife passed her drive test today. 
Thanks Hi Driving School. You guy are the best.

  • VU D.
  • Garden Grove, CA


    • If you're looking for a driving school that will teach you the correct way to drive on the road, then Hi driving school is the right place to go. The instructor is extremely patient with you and if you're a scaredy-cat on the road like me, don't worry! You'll toughen up once you're done driving with him, because he'll make you drive on all sorts of different roads and scenarios. Thanks hi driving school for helping me pass the driving test! :) 
    • Evelyn N.
    • Huntington Beach, CA


If you are searching for a good driving school that would actually make you pass behind the wheel test, this is it!
After a bad experience with other driving school, I found hi driving school and my instructor Brian, helped me to get my driver license! I had three lessons with him and I passed with 2 errors. You will not regret learning from Brian.

  • Hyera K.
  • Orange, CA


Hi driving school is the best school anybody that wants to get his or her driver license can go to. My instructors Scott and Brian are the best. I passed my test 1st time with 6 mistakes. Thanks to them

  • Nwaliego George Benson C.
  • Lakewood, CA


Despite having a terrible instructor prior to hidrivingschool, I was introduced to an instructor (who goes by the name of Augustin.) Through the mistakes, hiccups, and nervousness/fear that I had of driving (due to my previous instructor,) Augustin not only helped me ease those worries, but was understanding and considerate of both my state and my mentality. He was kind and patient with me, which slowly (and surely) helped me in becoming more confident in my driving (skill and ability.) Thank you, Augustin, seriously. I owe my passing grade to you.

  • Tiffany V.
  • Garden Grove, CA


I came to Brian after a horrible experience with another driving school (I was surprised with a driving test when I wasn't ready).

Brian changed my life and helped me gain my ticket to travel freedom.

I passed today with 1 mistake and I can't thank Brian anymore.

He boosts your confidence and teaches you without you even realizing you are learning.

Best driving school ever!!

  • Priyanka M.
  • Cerritos, CA